Total Transfer Security Label
หมวดหมู่สินค้า : Tamper-Evident Labels
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Using Total Transfer Security Labels in the pharmaceuticals industry adds additional product security. The packaging used for drug and chemicals is a critical tool to ensure product safety.
With a hidden void message, tamper evident labels are provide authentication, provide theft reduction and protection against counterfeiting.

Adds an instant, extra level of security – providing a clear visual indication of tampering by revealing a hidden message which alerts people to the risk that the product or package may have been tampered with
Made with a built in, or added, resistance to the threat of pilferage – as well as an extra level of product validation and verification
irreversible thermo chromic inks, photo chromic inks, glow in the dark Inks, DNA inks, bar coding, sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface), high temperature or low temperature adhesives, holograms, metallic foils, security die cuts, customer specific text in the voiding and surface messages…