Mega Cable Lock 2.5MM | Container Security Seal
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The Mega Cable Lock is user-friendly and highly tamper-evident.It is available with different cable diameters to secure various applications with different security requirements. The Mega Cable Lock consists of 2 Cable Lock seals for extra security. The seals are secured once the wire passes through the one-way locking mechanism.



The body is designed with a rib pattern, which protects markings during rough handling.

The Mega Cable Lock’s one-way locking mechanism provides fast and easy sealing.

One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body.

The Mega Cable Lock is anodized in solid colours, which accommodates customized laser marking.

The seals are etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.

The seal’s two locking bodies can be etched with identical information or according to customer requirements.