Mega Twister SP BC | Meter Seal
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รายละเอียดย่อ : Cost Effective Meter Utility Seal
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The Mega Twister SP BC is a high quality, cost-efficient sealing solution for various meters with an upright design and ample marking space for sequential numbers and barcodes.

With a polycarbonate body and an acetal tab that is available in a variety of colours, the Mega Twister SP BC can be applied with coated or non-coated stainless steel wire with attention to different requirements. The non-flammable high impact ABS plastic provides excellent barcoding contrast.



  1. Mega Twister seals are etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.
  2. The flap area is marked with sequential numbers, barcodes and/or text for security and easy identification.
  3. Colour coding is possible via the combination of the white ABS flap and acetal twisters that come in a selection of colours.
  4. Heat staking is used to permanently affix the twister to the seal body. Heat staked parts will leave clear evidence of tampering if the seal is cut or forced open.