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รายละเอียดย่อ : High Security Tamper Evident Labels
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Tamper Evident Labels are made of high quality adhesives, which are suitable for almost all application surfaces either indoor or outdoor. Different designs and materials meet different needs of security applications.

Tamper Evident Labels are easy to apply and easy to remove. These high quality Labels are extremely tamper evident and are widely used to detect unauthorized activities by authorities such as the police and military, banks, airlines, transporters in general as well as all kinds of producers and exporters.

In addition to the hidden ";Void / Open"; message, all Tamper Evident Labels have an optional security cut feature on the face of the label, which divides the label into smaller parts when it is removed. The design of the security cuts makes it impossible to put back the label in place again without evidence.

While Tamper Evident Labels are generally used as a highly visible form of tamper indication, some labels are used as covert seals using UV coating or printing ink as a means of detection and authenticity.

The materials used for Tamper Evident Labels vary according to application and security - polyester, vinyl, polyethylene and rubber.

Tamper Evident Labels are heat and freeze resistant, resistant to freon gas and heat attack. Any attempt to remove a label using a heating source or freon gas will be futile as the hidden message still triggers when peeled.

There are several standard sizes – but the Labels can be sized to fit individual requirements.

The standard colours are red, blue, silver and transparent depending on the application. Customized coloured labels can be produced.

Typical applications of Tamper Evident Labels are found on Sensitive Documents and Security Envelopes, Cartons and Boxes, IT equipments, Evidence bags, First Aid Boxes, Utility Meters and Timers, Cash Boxes and ATMs, Glass and Plastic Containers, Military Equipment, Ballot Boxes, Canisters and Drums, Food and Beverage Containers.

1. All the Tamper Evident Labels are self adhesive and designed for surface mounting applications.
2. Tamper Evident Labels can be manufactured with an optional Interlocking security cut.
3. Three types of materials are available: partial transfer, total transfer & non-residual. Each comes in a range of products suitable for different materials and applications.
4. Customized marking and design with customer information, sequential numbering and bar-code identification.
5. A hidden ";void / open"; message is clearly visible when any part of the label is lifted so unauthorized opening can be detected at a glance.
6. Some Tamper Evident Labels are stretchable, which is beneficial where movement of the substrate is anticipated e.g. during transport.