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SP Cash Bag Seal

Indicative Security Seal With Metal Locking

The SP Cash Bag Seal is so named for its primary sealing applications for the effective securing of cash-in-transit. It is also versatile enough for additional applications across sectors to secure the transportation of high-value goods.

The typical applications for this universal bag seal include sacks or bags designed for high-value goods transportation in numerous industries: finance, airline cargo management, postal services, clinical waste management, courier services and cash-in-transit.




1. The SP Cash Bag seals are etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.

2. Heat staking is used to fasten caps to the seals. Heat staking is too strong to be cut or forced open without leaving clear evidence of tampering. 

3. Metal clip locking provides better locking and greater pull strength to the long, thick strap.

4. The spikes on the back of the strap provide a better grip on bags and other slippery materials. Double-sided locking teeth on the middle of the strap provide greater security.

5. The SP Cash Bag seals also come with label tags to adhere to specific customer requirements. The additional indicative feature provides convenience and operation efficiency.



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