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Meter Seal

User-Friendly, Functional Meter Seal

Easily applied for use in securing various meters, the Meter Seal is designed for single use and is destroyed when opened. It cannot be easily opened once applied and requires a cutting plier for removal – this will leave tamper evidence once the seal has been opened.

The sturdy polycarbonate material can withstand exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal security solution for meters whether they’re indoors or outdoors. 

Applications include: taxi meter, gas meter, electric meter, payphone, calibrations, valves and cash boxes.




1. The Meter Seal is easy to apply in just 3 steps: smooth wire insertion, anchor insertion into meter capsule, and finally the snapping of the anchor into place.

2. The seal’s transparent body allows for quick inspections of the applied locking mechanism and provides clear evidence of tampering.

3. The polycarbonate body of the Meter Seal is sturdy withstands exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions. 

4. Markings on the polycarbonate body include indicative text and serial numbers.



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