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Mega Arrow Seal

Strong, Fixed Length Ring Seal

The Mega Arrow Seal is a strong and highly tamper-evident seal, combining unique features like the Inspection Window, heat staking technology and a triple-locking mechanism for effective security and operation efficiency.

The Mega Arrow Seal is constructed with a unique integrated Inspection Window that allows tamper detection at a glance. This feature is extremely valuable to operations with a high volume of traffic and high security requirements.




1. The Inspection Window is a unique feature that enables quick and easy visual checking of the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism on other seals cannot be inspected visually, making those seals less tamper evident.

2. Heat staking technology is used to fasten caps to the seals. Heat staking is permanent and it is too strong to be cut or forced open without clear evidence of tampering.

3. The seal comes with anti-slip grips to make sealing easy and quick.

4. The seals are etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.

5. Security breaking lines at the snapping point provide easy removal of the seal and prevents a broken seal from being glued or welded together without leaving clear evidence of tampering.

6. The seal features a triple locking mechanism that makes tamper attempts even more difficult.



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