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Dragon Seal WP

Strong Indicative Security Seal with Metal Locking Device

Designed for optimal tamper-evidence, the Dragon Seal WP features an easy-to-apply metal locking device and a large flap for markings, making this one of the most practical bag seals for high security applications. 

The Dragon Seal WP can be used on any kind of sack or bag designed for the transportation of high-value goods. It is widely used with airline cargo, bank and postal services, roll cages, clinical waste management, courier services, cash-in-transit, warehouses, tote-boxes and other applications that require a high tensile strength.




1. The Dragon Seal WP is etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest possible security because it cannot be removed and replaced. 

2. Ultrasonic welding is used to fasten the caps to the seals. It creates a permanent bond that is too strong to be cut or forced open without leaving clear tamper evidence.

3. The metal clip locking mechanism provides improved locking and tensile strength for the long, thick strap. 

4. The ribbed pattern on the seal cap and locking body is an extra security feature that provides clear evidence if the seal has been cut or tampered with.



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