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CCS 350

Strong, Fixed Length Barrier Seal

The CCS 350 is a strong and durable high security seal with good tamper evidence that was designed for high security requirements.

Its simple yet durable design makes it very user-friendly and suitable for usage in various applications.

Typical applications for the CCS 350 include trucks, tankers, and air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail cars, calibrators and valves.




1. The Carrier Cable Seal 350 is a strong and durable seal designed especially for high security applications.

2. The body is molded with high-impact ABS.

3. One end of the cable is permanently secured via crimping technology which cannot be removed without cutting the cable. The metal locking mechanism embedded inside the metal bush provides effective locking strength and prevents easy tampering.

4. The high strength steel bush and pin provides added security. The non-preformed galvanized steel wire used will also fray upon cutting, showing clear evidence of tampering.

5. The CCS 350 is etched with irreversible and permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential number and barcodes.



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