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Secure Box

Strong, Economical and Reliable Secure Box

Typical applications of the Secure Box include securing goods-in-transit for courier services, warehouses and distribution centres, as well as for the ICT and pharmaceutical industries and the securing of transportation of dangerous items.

The Secure Box is lightweight and sturdy, manufactured with high-density polypropylene that is durable and can withstand rough handling.

The Secure Box can be used with the affordable, user-friendly and operationally efficient Clip Box seal and Mini Cable Lock seals to add an extra layer of tamper-evident security at the sealing point of the box.




1. High-density PP material provides durability and protection from rough handling over an average of 5 years.

2. Prevents precious cargo from damage.

3. The Secure Box protects from pilferages by using tamper-evident highly resilient Mini Cable Lock seals and Clip Box application seals. 

4. The Secure Boxes can be nested in stacks to save storage space.



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